Live Antivirus Internet Security

Complete PC protection

Simple Interface

Live Antivirus offers simple interface which makes it easy to use.

Best Protection

It protects your system in the best way from malwares and viruses.

Resource prevention

Along with preserving critical information it has lower impact on system resources.

Windows Supportive

Live Antivirus Tool is supported by all the versions of windows OS.

Our Happy Customers

I have recently switched to Live Antivirus Tool software and am very satisfied with its properties. It always protects my system from virus and other malwares.

Tim Smith

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. I have been using it since one year and since then; I never had any virus issue in my computer system.

Thomas Lee

This is very easy to use. It scans all the coming threats and stops them. It also generates regular reports which keep me updated about scans. Thanks to Live Antivirus Tool.

Kristine Ahern

Some Features

  • File Scanner

    It periodically scans your system and detects the suspicious files present. It also stops the infected files while downloading.

  • Web Protection

    It includes parental protection thus providing safe internet for your family and also mail protection from various spams.

  • Firewall

    It controls the incoming and outgoing data traffic and creates a barrier between our system and untrusted party coming to computer.

  • Pop-up-virus

    This method is widely used by spammers. Live-Antivirus blocks the suspected pop-ups and controls the entry of malwares in your software.

  • Browser protection

    Live-Antivirus continuously scans all downloads and sites you are browsing. It stops the infected files and protects our computer.

  • Link scanner

    You can enjoy your secure internet surfing by checking the links of websites for any malwares. Live-Antivirus reports for infected links.